CASE : 2005-012387   --   CAM License Number 26091

Published December 19, 2007

On January 4, 2005 the Department of Business and Professional Regulation received a complaint from Kim Jakubaitis ("Jakubaitis") alleging Leroy Clark Dunn ("Respondent"), while acting as the community association manager ("CAM") for Section 20 Property Owners' Association, Inc. ("Association"), had committed election fraud and failed to allow access to Association records upon request, relating to the 2004 election of the Association's Board of Directors.


THE FINAL RULING OF THE ARBITRATOR in the election dispute speaks for itself. But it took the DBPR nearly 3 (THREE) years to bring this severe case of violations of Florida statutes to an end, not necessarily due to the strong efforts of the Department. Leroy Dunn agreed to a SETTLEMENT REVOKING HIS LICENSE that caused a FINAL ORDER to be signed December 10, 2007 -- nearly three years after the initial complaint had been filed. Sorry, but this lengthy time is plainly unacceptable.

And people close to the case suspect that Dunn was willing to agree to the settlement stipulation because his wife, BETTY DUNN, is in the process of getting a CAM license. Official notice on the DBPR website: Application in Progress!

Insiders suspect that homeowners haven't seen the last of the DUNN shenanigans and that Leroy Dunn will just continue his methods, using his wife's CAM license! I just hope that the DBPR will keep a close watch on the developments -- and that it doesn't take three years to bring cases to a closure the next time complaints are filed.